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Small Brown Bird: stories in praise of folly

A collection of short stories, 252 pgs. Self-published 2013. Now out-of-print. Available (used) at

Summary: Seven stories that celebrate foolish pursuits, obsessions, and brilliant ideas gone wrong. A vagrant birder delivers some disturbing news from the mountains of Colombia . . . A hyper-connected mother resolves to raise her child free of ‘twitchy tech’. . . A young scholar courts disaster in search of the god Saturn . . . What on earth do they have in common? Folly, of course! You too can relish spectacular failure – in total safety and comfort. The Small Brown Bird makes it safe to lose again! [fiction; paperback; 252 pages; illustrated; not for children (some stories contain strong language)]

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Taking Things, story published in The Trinity Review, Spring 1988 (Philippa Sheppard, Editor)

A New Sound, story published in WRIT Magazine #17 (Roger Greenwald, Editor)

Essays & Vignettes

Dress Your Darlings, published in The Great Smokies Review, No. 10 (2013) (Elizabeth Lutyens, Editor)

Satisfying, Charming, and even Delightful Things, published in Emprise Review, 2010 (Patrick McAllaster, Editor)

What Do You Do? published in Workzine, 2010

Growing Where Planted published in Workzine, 2010

I Saw You, published in Animus (Maine) (Annie Farnsworth, Editor)


Heart’s Desire, published in Staccato, 2010

To my friend in black, published in The Trinity Review, Spring 1988

Academic & Technical

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