A Year in Hessen

floppy poppies

December 28th            This is not a Travelogue

Oct. 3rd                        The Hof

Sept. 26th                  Not So Forbidden Fruit

August 31st                Cancel the Castle?

July 20th                      Flower Fairies of the Summer

June 17th                      How we got here

May 8th                       Berlin, 1945

April 20th                   Disturbance — or the Industrious Woods

April 12th                   Billy the Kid’s Campfire Soup

April 10th                   Land of the Leggy Ones

March 18th                The Meaning of the Sausage Toaster

March 13th                The End of Sie?

January 15th              Birds of Europe

January 1st                Silvester and the Grinch