In this space I celebrate “small adventure” — what I encounter on my walks in the countryside, city, or somewhere in between. Tell me, what did you see or hear today that you found interesting, beguiling, perhaps intriguing? I’d love to hear from you. Write me at jfromaway “at” gmail “dot” com.

A second website, www.saysomething.blog, has a decidedly harder edge. SaySomething is devoted to shining a light on corporate complicity in Russia’s war in Ukraine and amplyifying Ukranian voices in Western media.

About the author:

Jennifer Angela McLean, now living in Kassel, Germany, is twice an ex-pat. She grew up in southern Ontario, Canada, and lived for several decades in places north and south in the United States. Her career would be too varied and scattered to describe here and is beside the point of her main occupations: walking, seeing, writing, reading. She writes fiction and non-fiction, inspired by both rural and urban settings and the mixture of the two. A few of her observations can be found at http://www.curiousplace.org

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